Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

The Caverns Under Jorgenfist

We have found two caves along a cliff just south of the stone giant fortress of Jorgenfist. After clearing one of the caves, we notice what appears to be dragons flying into the second. Blunt and Miska decide to go check it out. It turns out to be a small group (squadron?) of wyverns . . .and treasure! Vors and Blunt lob spells into the cave until the wyverns are dead.

We go back to the first cave and discover a secret door in the scary spider cavern. The door opens into a narrow tunnel leading deeper into the cliff. Suddenly, little guys with red caps and metal boots jump out and start kicking us. Seriously! Who fights with a shoe?! It turns out that there cute little red caps are soaked with blood. Gross. We kill them all.

The tunnel eventually leads to a larger cavern. Guarding the cavern is a heavily armed kobold. After we surround him, he blows himself up in an act of final revenge.

There is a narrow passage leading form this large cavern that opens up into what appears to be a stone giant throne room. We sleep in the passage and wait for our moment to attack. As we sneak into the throne room, a female stone giant walks in with a ladle. Turns out that soup is on. She sees us and all bejesus breaks lose! Dellnia throws up a wall of fire. More stone giants come out of the kitchen. Then a stone giant wizard shows up. Good grief!

Klemh is killed.

Blunt is killed. Again.

Miska kills the stone giant wizard by doing 107 points of damage with four arrows!

After finishing off the stone giants, Dellnia teleports us back to Riddleport. We raise Klemh and bury Blunt.

Everyone gets 17,720 XP each.

Vors got a Staff of Heaven and Earth.

Klemh got 5 doses of wyvern poison.



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