Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

The Skinsaw Conspiracy Solved! (Treasure and XP)

My Party went to Magnimar, and All I Got was this Impaler of Thorns!

Here are the totals from Saturday’s adventure! I converted all of the gems, jewelry, coins, and unclaimed items into gold. I used the standard 50% of value for selling items outlined in the

2200 XP per character

9441 GP per character (includes the 6000 gp we each received from the Lord Mayor but not the 1000 GP we received earlier in the night)

Here are the items with owners listed:
1. Hat of Disguise – Blunt
2. +1 Ring of Protection – Miska
3. Ring of Jumping – Dellnia
4. Chime of Opening (5 charges) – Miska
5. Mithral Chain Shirt – Miska
6. +1 Falchion – Zhandre
7. Masterwork Hand Crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts – Blunt
8. Reaper’s Mask – Blunt
9. Impaler of Thorns – Gregor
10. Medusa Mask – Dellnia
11. Snakeskin Tunic – Miska
12. Golembane Scarab – Dellnia
13. Ring of Jumping – Gregor
14. Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds – Gregor, Miska, Dellnia, Zahndre



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