Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

The Man Behind the Murders!

Uncovering the truth of the Skinsaw Man

After investigating two murder scenes, the party arrived at the startling conclusion that the creature responsible for the murders in Sandpoint, known as “The Skinsaw Man”, is none other than Aldern Foxglove. He clearly has been obsessed with Blunt since their first encounter during the boar hunt several weeks ago. The next logical place to investigate is the old Foxglove estate, known to the locals as “The Misgivings”. In other words, the place is cursed and quite possibly haunted!

How right they are! The entire Foxglove family tree is littered with dead bodies and evil rites. Vorel Foxglove used the house as a place to practice necromancy and tried to become a lich, only to be foiled by his wife. However, his evil soul seeped into the very stones and floorboards of the mansion. The resulting energy drove his descendants mad. One of them, Traver Foxglove, tried to reclaim the family estate, only to be driven mad, killing his wife and himself but leaving his son Aldern and his sisters behind. When Aldern himself tried to reclaim the home, he fell in with a group of investors to help him fix up his house who turned out to be part of a Magnimar cult that only wanted him to bring back some of the diseased rats in his basement for experimentation. Aldern was bitten by one of the rats and contracted ghoul fever and was transformed into a ghoul. He then began following orders from Magnimar to reap souls by killing and marking the bodies with a seven pointed star: the sihedron.

The party explored Foxglove’s home room by room and found themselves attacked by the house itself. When they finally discover Aldern’s now undead wife Iesha in the attic, she leads them deep into the cellars beneath the mansion to a cave where Aldern is waiting, Vorel’s old laboratory where his attempt to become a lich 80 years ago still remains in an evil fungus that coats the walls. Aldern is here, a twisted ghast version of himself with a war razor. Iesha attacks him and the party helps, eventually defeating him. Iesha falls to ground lifeless now that her torment is over.

The party discovers several interesting items and clues here, including:

  • cages with a small symbol of a pig with a lock for a mouth and an inscription that reads “Pug’s Contraption – Magnimar”
  • Chime of opening (5 charges)
  • pearl ring (300 gp)
  • adamantine longsword
  • hat of disguise
  • 156 gp
  • +1 leather armor
  • +1 war razor
  • ring of jumping
  • +1 ring of protection
  • Iron key with an opal
  • Bronze key, head resembling a roaring lion
  • Letter to Aldern from Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven, telling him to kill victims, do the sihedron ritual, and to return to his townhouse in Magnimar if he runs into trouble.

The party exorcises the evil spirt of Vorel from the house and then order it to be demolished and burned. They receive high praise from Belor Hemlock for finding the murderer. However, there are still clues and they are leading them away from Sandpoint and into Magnimar, the City of Monuments!



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