Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

Return to Sandpoint

Intro to Fortress of the Stone Giant

At the end of The Hook Mountain Massacre, you defeated Barl Breakbones, a particularly evil stone giant necromancer who had taken control of the Kreeg ogres and drove them to attack Fort Rannick. While you did not get a chance to interrogate him(because you killed him), you did find a missive written upon mammoth hide:

“Barl – Latest contact with Teraktinus indicates he has narrowed the search. He believes a human town called Sandpoint could hide what my lord seeks. Teraktinus will lead several of the people, as well the dragon, on a raid into the town soon. When they return, they may be pursued, and I may need your ogre slaves to aid in Teraktinus’s retreat to Jorgenfist. Be ready to return at my command! – M

You are currently in Turtleback Ferry, over 200 miles away from Sandpoint, receiving more thanks from the mayor and local resident. But now you have to make a choice. What will you do next?!



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