Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

More Caverns under Jorgenfist

We returned to the caverns under Jorgenfist, only this time we brought Dorin the dwarf fighter for some insurance. And he brought beer. This delve was much more successful as nobody died. We also lucked out by meeting Conna the Wise, the widow of Jorgenfist’s previous leader. Mokmurian arrived and killed her husband to show his dominance over the stone giant clans. Conna was relegated to maintaining the lower caverns. She also guards her husband’s shrine. She offered to help us if in return we kill Mokmurian and return control of Jorgenfist to her. “When the time comes, I will rally the loyal to me against Mokmurian and his allies. If you must kill a few stone giants along the way, so be it. They chose this path.” By following Conna’s directions, we avoided several additional encounters.

We still had to fight a few monsters, including two chained young red dragons, who we let go. They immediately flew out of the room and attacked the two lamia priestesses in the next room, their tormentors and loyal allies of Mokmurian. We also dispatched a few more giants and ogres on our way down to the entrance to the library where Mokmurian awaits.



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