Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

Intro to The Hook Mountain Massacre

Part One: The Road to Rannick!

Having defeated the lamia matriarch Xanesha and uncovering her plot to reap souls for an even darker force, something connected to the Sihedron Rune, our heroes are taking some days to relax. It was Xanesha who had manipulated several people in both Sandpoint and Magnimar into a world of lies, deceit, and murder. Even the Lord Mayor of Magnimar was targeting for assassination, but you have successfully saved him and hundreds of people from suffering the same fate. Now, with the Skinsaw Murders solved, your wounds and sore muscles healed, it may be time for the next great adventure!

Winter has come to this part of Virisia which means heavy rains and flooding threaten folks in the wilderness and those in the city of Magnimar are growing tired of the inclement weather. Having gained the favor of Mayor Grobaras, you have decided to stay in Magnimar and enjoy the City of Monuments for a few weeks. The Mayor graciously gave you the deed to Aldern Foxglove’s townhouse since no one could claim it. This has served you well as a base of operations during your explorations of Magnimar. The townhouse is located in the Grand Arch District, not far from Starsilver Plaza.

One of the troubling clues left behind from Xanesha is a letter she received from her sister. In it, this sister reminds her that their purpose is to gather greedy souls for their “Lord’s rise”, which happens when pure souls are marked with the Sihedron Rune and killed. She also invited Xanesha to visit her sister in “Turtleback Ferry” and that “Fort Rannick should be in our control”. In the last few weeks, you have done research and discovered that Turtleback Ferry is a remote village not far from Hook Mountain, west of Magnimar. Although closer to Korvosa, Magnimar has offered to protect Turtleback Ferry and thus control an important trading outpost in the west. Thus, soldiers were sent to garrison in Fort Rannick and fend off any threats to Turtleback Ferry. The most common threat in that part of Virisia are the clans of ogres living in the hills.

Mayor Graboras now comes to you with a request. The rangers of Fort Rannick, known as the Order of the Black Arrows, have not communicated with Turtleback Ferry in weeks. The council is pressuring the Mayor to send a battalion to investigate but Grobaras doesn’t have enough men to spare right now. He offers you 750 GP each for travel expenses and to fulfill this request.

The trip to Turtleback Ferry will take one week by horseback through lightly patrolled rural areas along the north bank of the Yondabakari River.



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