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Hook Mountain Recap

The Story So Far...

The story so far…

• After relaxing a few weeks in Magnimar, Lord Grobaras hired you to investigate what has happened at Fort Rannick near the town of Turtleback Ferry in the Hook Mountains. An old friend from Sandpoint, Shalelu Andosana asks to accompany you.

• After a quiet journey, you arrive at Turtleback Ferry and learn that half the town has Sihedron tattoos. These tattoos gave them perks at the floating casino on the lake, which mysteriously sunk a few weeks ago.

• The mayor of Turtleback Ferry reports that the rangers who guard Fort Rannick are known as the Black Arrows. They are constant fixtures in the town but have all but disappeared in the past 5 days.

• On the way to the fort, the party helps a trapped firepelt cougar escape a trap set by a half-ogre. The cougar leads the party to the Graul Farm, home to an in-bred, backwoods clan of deformed half-ogres. They discover three Black Arrow rangers being held captive and free them.

• The rangers are Vale Temros, Kaven Windstrike, and Jakardros Sovark. Their platoon was out on a scouting mission when the fort was attacked and taken by Hook Mountain ogres from the Kreeg clan. They mounted an attack to retake the fort but were driven off into the woods where they were captured by the Graul family.

• Jakardros is Shalelu’s father. In his younger years, he had met an elf maiden near Sandpoint and they had a child. During an adventure, Jakardros was taken captive and could not return home for months. Shalelu’s mother died during this time. Upon hearing the news from afar that his beloved was dead, Jakardros was too grief-stricken to return home. Shalelu never forgave Jakardros. Behind the scenes, she confronts Jakardros. He explains himself and asks for her forgiveness. He hopes that after this conflict is over with the ogres that he and Shalelu can start over again as father and daughter.

• The Black Arrow rangers ask the party to join them in an assault on Fort Rannick. They want revenge on the Kreeg ogres and to rescue any of their comrades still alive, especially their leader, Commander Lamatar Bayden. The party agrees and they decide a secret infiltration of the fort is better than a direct assault.

• The attack is a success but it comes at a price. Jakardros is mortally wounded and dies in Shalelu’s arms. In the last few moments, both forgive each other. The half-orc sorcerer Zhandre dies fighting the leader, Jaagrath Kreeg. Finally, they discover that the ogres gained entrance to the fort because of Kaven Windstrike. He flees to the caverns underneath the fort, where they meet…

• The lamia Lucretia has taken up residence in the caverns beneath Fort Rannick. She has marked half the residents of Turtleback Ferry with the Sihedron Rune and plans to collect all their souls when the town is wiped out by a massive flood. Already, the Hood Mountain ogres are at work on the dam at Storval Deep, which is quickly filling with water thanks to unnatural rain and flooding. She and Kaven attack the group but are killed after an epic battle. The town must be warned!

• The people of Turtleback Ferry are in trouble! A great flood threatens the town, as well as Black Magga, a giant monster that has been washed down from the Storval Deep. The party saves the townspeople and drive off Back Magga, becoming heroes to the people of Turtleback Ferry.

• Vale Temros has decided to rebuild and fortify Fort Rannick, recruiting new Black Arrows from the region. But he is worried that the Hook Mountain ogres will destroy the dam and wipe out the valley below. He believes that the entire Kreeg clan must be destroyed.

• The party ascends to the dam at Storval Keep, a massive structure built by the ancient Thassilonians called Skull’s Crossing. After defeating the ogre demolition crew, the party unlocks the secret of the dam’s inner workings and are able to safely open the floodgates and stop the dam from bursting.

• Back at Fort Rannick, repair work continues. Vale Temros is worried that the remaining Kreeg ogres on Hook Mountain will attack before the fort is ready. They have also still not found Commander Lamatar Bayden. He was last seen leaving the fort before the ogre attack to go on a “communion walk” in the Shimmerglens, a swampy area nearby. As the leader of the Black Arrow rangers it was not uncommon for him to commune with nature several times a week. However, he had not returned since his last visit to the area.


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Hook Mountain Recap

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