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Hook Mountain: Final Chapter

Hook Mountain: Final Chapter

• The party takes up the task of searching for Commander Lamatar Bayden in the Shimmerglens. They find the swamp even darker and more haunted than it is reputed to be. Upon entering, they run into an agitated pixie named “Yap” who lives up to his name and explains that his mistress, the guardian of the forest, a nymph named Myriana, was also Commander Bayden’s lover. She is ill and the forest has become a reflection of her sickness. Yap is sure the party can save her from her terrible affliction.

• As the party delves deeper towards the center of the forest, strange apparitions and visions afflict members of the party. Faces of people, some familiar and some strange, appear in pools of water and shadows. The group encounters derelict ship in the swamp, several hundreds of miles from the sea, with a long-dead captain sitting at a moldering harpsichord. A white dog appears on deck and then darts off into the forest. Later, when leaving the forest and walking past this spot, they note that the ship has vanished without a trace.

• At the heart of the forest and the terrible sadness of this place, the group finally encounters Myriana, but she is no longer a beautiful nymph, but rather a torn and twisted ghost, still lingering where she was murdered. She rises from the muck and tells her horrible tale: the lamia matriarch Lucrecia knew that Lamatar visited Myriana here, tipped off by the traitor Kaven, and beset them both with a group of Kreek ogres the night Fort Rannick was attacked. They forced Lamatar to watch as the ogres had their way with Myriana, then took Lamatar away. Her spirit, anguished and insane became a ghost. “Return my beloved to me! Or I shall find him with my vines and my dark trees will eat the land and churn your people to bone and misery!”

• The party returns to Fort Rannick to resupply and then sets out to make a final assault on the clanhold of the Hook Mountain ogres.

• The party battles several groups of Kreeg ogres, a hill giant, and discovers a statue of a giant with a large Sihedron medallion. They also stumble across a coven of Annis hags who have infused these caves with evil. They are so powerful that they transform Blunt into…a fish! The party cleverly dumps out the witches’ cauldron, fill it with water, and dumb Blunt the Trout into it. He barely survives. At this point, with no hope of changing back their friend, Sir Gregor prays to his deity, Iomede, to save his friend. Miraculously, Iomede responds and agrees to change Blunt back, but for a price. Sir Gregor must pledge himself as a paladin of Iomede for ever more. He does and Blunt is returned to life, but now as a female servant of both Iomede and Sarenrae!

• The group next encounters Commander Lamatar Bayden, now transformed himself into a frost wight by the coven of hags, who attacks them with his bow and level draining ability, but he is quickly dispatched and his body saved for return to the Shimmerglens.

• Finally, the group enters the main hall of the ogres and discovers that the clan is not led by an ogre, but rather a very powerful stone giant necromancer named Barl Breakbones. After a near-death battle with Barl and his minions, the party is victorious in slaying these enemies and bringing peace to Hook Mountain and the region for the first time in decades.

• But they have also unearthed even darker plans. A letter to Barl from someone named “Mokmurian” lays out designs to attack the party’s hometown of Sandpoint for some purpose. Why would the stone giants attack Sandpoint? Who is Mokmurian? Where is Jorgenfist? And did he just mention a dragon? Time to saddle up and get back to Sandpoint!

• On their way back, they stop in the Shimmerglens with the body of Commander Bayden. Myriana is overjoyed and in her final act, she casts reincarnate upon him, and Bayden is transformed into a centaur warrior, infused with the love and spirit of Myriana. He takes up his role as guardian of the Shimmerglens and this region.

• Myriana also bestows upon Blunt the Gift of Lasting Inspiration, which has both short-term and long-term benefits to Blunt. (gains a +4 insight bonus on all Will saving throws, Craft checks, and Perform checks)


Hayes: Can you list the treasure collected from this last adventure so we can divide it up now?

Hook Mountain: Final Chapter

Remember: Your character should be 500 points away from 11th level. Bring both a 10th level and 11th level character sheet with you next time we play!

Hook Mountain: Final Chapter

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