Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

Fort Rannick!

Attack on the Ogres!

After defeating the backwater Graul family of ogrekin, you rescued three members of the Black Arrow rangers. Jakardros, Vale, and Kaven. Jakardros is Shalelu’s stepfather and they have a tearful reunion. They report that they were sent out on patrol by the leader of the Black Arrows and while they were gone, the ogres somehow got into Fort Rannick. Now, it is up to them to take back the fort and get revenge for the deaths of so many good warriors. The PC’s decide to help and devise a plan to sneak into the fort via the waterfall on the west side. Thanks to the insider info from the rangers, the group gets into the caverns behind the fort walls, battles some shocker lizards and a specter, and discovers that Kaven has slipped away from the party.

The group tries to sneak into the main keep building but are spotted by ogre guards and the fun begins! Wave after wave of ogres attack the group but somehow they stave off the assault, taking down ogres and stronger ogre fighters. The half-orc sorcerer Zahndre is particularly good at this as he sends a massive fireball into a decrepit building and drops the entire thing down on three ogres, killing two instantly and severely injuring a third. unfortunately, Jakardros is killed during this battle, and Vale drags his body into the keep along with the party.

Inside the keep, the group discovers the grisly remains of the Black Arrows, their body parts being used and eaten by these monstrous ogres. It is easy to turn this rage into revenge, as the party clears out the first floor and moves to the second. It is here that the climactic battle against the ogre leaders takes place. The party is split between three groups: a couple of ogre fighters, an ogre sorcerer, and the huge leader Jaagrath Kreeg. Mid-way through the battle, Zahndre finds himself fighting toe to toe with Jaagrath and while he fights valiantly, he is mowed down by Jaagrath and killed. A few rounds later, the battle is over but Zahndre is lost. What will happen next? the only place left to look is in the catacombs below the Fort…

Everyone should be at 9th level at this point. Tim will need to decide whether to roll up another character or tell us to resurrect Zahndre.


Tomaso: The group really needs a spellcaster. think about just a straight up wizard perhaps…Or a sorcerer.

Fort Rannick!

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