Western Alliance Runelords Campaign

Attack on Sandpoint!

Time for some payback...

It was quiet in Sandpoint on the day the heroes returned…

Within 24 hours of returning to Sandpoint, the new day dawned with the sound of boulders hitting the North Gate. Sandpoint is under attack from Stone Giants!!


The team rallied at the gate, fending off the two giants, when suddenly another pair of giants, driving three dire bears ahead of them, crossed the river into town. In a seemingly brilliant move, Blunt cast “Haste” on Sir Gregor on his steed Shadowmist and they raced to the river. One of the dire bears fell to Sir Gregor’s lance! Gregor_attacks.jpg

The rest of the party finally catches up and defeats the monsters at the river!

Suddenly, a red dragon swoops over the town, landing first on the garrison and then on the newly built temple, reigning dragon fear and fire upon the town of Sandpoint. Father Zantus nobly tries to defend the temple before falling to the beast!

As another group of stone giants crosses the river, Sir Gregor races ahead to meet them in battle. But the party’s plan of hasting Sir Gregor and his mount has backfired! Because of his speed, Sir Gregor is alone as he attacks the leader of the giants, the stone giant ranger Teraktinus, who wields two large pick axes. Sir Gregor is not match to this creature and falls in battle to the ground!

As giants and dragons roam the streets of Sandpoint, the party attempts to contain them…

The monsters seem intent on reaching The Old Light on the west side of Sandpoint.

As the battle comes to a climax, Teraktinus is almost defeated, but has reached The Old Light and retrieved what appear to be normal rocks, before jumping on the back of the red dragon and flying away. The other giants escape to the north east into the mountains, but the party is able to capture one for interrogation. They find out that the giants were sent here by Mokmurian, leader of an army of giants, sitting in his stronghold called Jorgenfist. If someone doesn’t stop him, a legion of giants, ogres, and dragons will be unleashed upon Sandpoint and the entire region of Virisia.

The party assesses the damage to themselves and Sandpoint. Several members of the village have been abducted by the giants, others have been killed, and sections of the town lie ruined and smoldering. Sir Gregor Warsmith is dead and Shadowmist will not leave his side. Delnia uses Dimension Door to take Sir Gregor to Magnimar, where a cleric resurrects the cavalier, now a paladin, to continue his quest to bring justice to the land.

But the trail of giants to Jorgenfist will run cold soon. The party must act quickly if they hope to follow the giants across Varisia to find the giant stronghold of Jorgenfist!



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